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  • Company overview

Nuova Albora craftsmanship and quality for an international elite market

Since 1976 Nuova Albora has been producing strictly vegetable-based items for the leather goods and furniture sectors. A still artisanal production, with attention to detail, with respect for the traditional processing and processing times, which guarantee maximum softness and quality. The products used are also the result of careful selection in the name of ecology and the environment.

Via della Gremina snc
Santa Croce sull’Arno (PI), 56029

Tel. 0571 30224

  • Certifications

LWG certification, which stands for Leather Working Group, is the world’s first environmental certification for the leather manufacturing industry. The company is committed to ensuring the sustainability of its entire supply chain.

The company uses 100% certified Green Energy from renewable energy generation plants. 1 KWh of Green Energy = 546.37 g of CO2 saved (compared to using the same amount of fossil energy)

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