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Conceria mc srl an experience of almost a hundred years in the field of footwear

In the 1940s, the Calloni tannery, specialized in the production of sheep and goat hides for both lining and uppers, came to life in the Turbigese tanning area. His almost centennial experience every day is made available to the MC srl tannery, which continues to produce sheep and goat hides, for uppers and linings, for footwear.

Via A.Grandi 4
Buscate (MI), 20010

Tel. 0331 803163

  • Certifications

The company uses 100% certified Green Energy from renewable energy generation plants. 1 KWh of Green Energy = 546.37 g of CO2 saved (compared to using the same amount of fossil energy)

Gruppo Concerie Masini Gruppo Concerie Masini